I’ve downloaded the wordpress app for iPhone, which theoretically lets me update from anywhere (provided I have wifi). It’s very easy to navigate, which I like, though granted it appears, like most apps, to have been trimmed a lot. For italics and the like I’ll need to learn HTML. But overall I like being able to make a quick update if something occurs to me. I wonder if I can add pictures without too much fuss…

The gibberish above should turn into a photo of me in my lolita Christmas party outfit. 🙂


たぶんもう言ったけど、私は言語学部の大学院生だ。(もっと手短く言う方がないの?-_-;) 今学期始めた。私はただ大学生の時、成績はずっとAとBだけを取った。ペパーを書くのはいつも先延ばしにしてたからどうやって今も分からないけどね。*笑*



私は怠け者だけだね。 XD

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