Help me name my novel?

I realized that using any kind of fire-related word in my novel’s title (like smoldering) will have people assuming it’s a romance, which it very much is not. So after thinking a bit, I noted that the most relevant non-fire words in the book are: ancestor, madness, curse, linguist, code, world, voice.

Based on this, “Shadow of an Ancestor” describes Siph’s situation pretty well. Also, it’s a pretty intriguing title if you haven’t read the book, and actually means something if you have.

“The Ngoshir Code” would be apt if I wanted to focus on Bridget’s story. The thing is that while Bridget is a main character, this first book spotlights Siph.

“Heir to Madness” is one that I haven’t yet crossed off the list, but it both doesn’t say much and gives too much away at the same time.

I’m still playing around with just titling the book “Cipher” because of the (unintentional) duality of it being the main character’s name and a synonym for code.

So right now my favorite working title is “Shadow of an Ancestor,” with “Cipher” being the runner up. The series itself I’ve already given the simple working title “The Scod Series.”

What I’d like from you, dear readers, are your opinions on these potential titles. And I ask for this from beta readers and non-beta readers alike.

Have you read the first 17 chapters of Smoldering? Tell me which new title you think suits it best.

Never read a word of it? Tell me which title is more likely to get a second look from you in the bookstore.

Have your own suggestion for a title? I’d love you forever if you told me. 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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