In 48 hours…

I’ll be on the first leg of my trip to Korea.

After doing tons and tons of laundry, sorting it into the standard yes-no-maybe piles, and starting the process to roll up each item and tick it off the Master List, I realized that I have way too much clothing. Worse, I have way too much clothing that IĀ love and want to bring but probably don’t have room for. It seems like every time I look through the collection of boxes brought up from Miami, I find more clothes.

You’d think after three trips to Asia and numerous college-related moves these past six years, I’d know how to pack a little better…

My room. Not pictured: my cell phone, which will probably be dug up as a fossil six billion years from now.

But two days from departure, my room still looks like this.

Well, I catch myself thinking sometimes,Ā  at least it’s only clothes…


Revision: At least it’s only clothes cluttering up my room. Sorry, living room; even you are a temporary storage shed.


Packing woes aside, these past two weeks upstate have been busy, productive, and occasionally friend-filled. My good friend Barbara (of Two Beans or Not Two Beans) and our friend Chris drove up two weekends in a row, first to move me and all my stuff, and then to visit me the very next weekend. There’s also been much hanging out with my old high school friend, Lydia (of An Illustrated Life). Between them there was much eating, exploring, making of Cuban food, bass playing, and watching of the new Pixar movie, Brave (which is awesome).

They aren’t the only people I’m going to miss. I have a lot of goodbye phone calls to make the next two days, which I’ve been putting off because I’d rather finish packing before getting depressed. Everyone either says “it’s just a year,” or “I’ll be in Japan/China/Hong Kong so we can hang out this summer!” The reality is that it might be more than a year — I might choose to renew my contract, or move to Japan from there. And if I’m still at orientation when my friends come to Korea, chances are I won’t be able to see them. So at this point, I can only tell everyone not to expect too much, though I will do what I can to Skype/FaceTime.

The good thing is that I can update this blog any time of day, even a little at a time during more important activities. (Like packing. šŸ˜‰ )


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb the French Bean
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 10:14:44

    My observation with these photos: SO MUCH PURPLE!!! šŸ˜€


    • seilann
      Jul 06, 2012 @ 15:22:27

      I know! Ironically, I haven’t worn anything with purple in it the past two days, though. At this point I think people are assuming I love green. And black. And possibly gray. XD


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