Lesson Ideas

These aren’t fully developed and so aren’t yet up to par with my standards of task-based language teaching, but I thought some of my fellow ETA’s and teachers could benefit from these ideas. These were devised in the context of a conversation class, but since they are very rough they can be adapted to pretty much anything. 🙂

  • Names: a good “getting to know you” lesson in which the students discuss the meaning of their names, why they were named such, and if they feel that their name matches them. Could be a good way to introduce eastern versus western naming conventions.
  • The Empty Room: when given a photo of an empty room, what would they put in it and why? How would they decorate it? Good for vocabulary related to furniture, decorations, and colors.
  • Strange Pets: You get to have one of the following (farm or zoo) pets for one week. How would you take care of it?
  • Classroom Mystery: I used to do a murder mystery with my grammar kids to teach them modals. For Korea and other conservative countries or younger children, a non-felonious crime might be better. 😉
  • Jobs: This one could easily turn into a week-long lesson theme. One that I like to do is have each student write down a different job, then swap up the cards so everyone gets something unexpected. Then in pairs they interview each other, assuming that their partner is famous for their job. Good for tense practice. (What did you do, what are you working on now, what are your plans for the future?)
  • Travel: Another good one for a theme. Each day of the week could be a new activity — making preparations, exchanging money, deciding what to pack, and deciding what places to visit in the chosen country. You could also have them create their own country just for tourists, and invent the geography, climate, natural resources, and currency. Then have them prepare to visit each others’ countries. 🙂

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