A very well-formed perspective on language learning from my friend in the JET program. 🙂



As a Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program participant (a JET), I am writing this for people interested in studying foreign languages, taking the JLPT, moving to a foreign country, and for people who might want a different perspective on the process of learning a language. I know how it feels to try to learn a language and fail, I did that with Spanish and Italian. My Italian teacher even agreed with me that I was bad at foreign languages. By the time I came to study Japanese, I’d had enough of failing.

As anyone who is studying Japanese knows, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the ultimate way for foreigners to gauge their progress in mastering the language. The test is divided into five levels, with N5 being the easiest and N1 the most difficult. Theoretically, if you can pass N1 you should be able to read a Japanese…

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