Written Works


Soulfall (Young Adult Fantasy)

  • Victoria Ludrick was assaulted in her senior year of high school. Months later, she still can’t handle being outside or interacting with strangers. She’s even put off her dream of going to college, despite an acceptance to Princeton.
    In an attempt to get her back on her feet, Tori’s parents move into a big new house in what’s supposed to be a safe, posh neighborhood. There’s an access code; a security guard; 24-hour CCTV. But all this is useless. Tori’s new house is a gateway — a pivot point between two overlapping worlds, which Tori’s tragic past gives her the ability to traverse. The other side is no wonderland. It’s a place of darkness and lies, of hatred and mistrust, not to mention a number of creatures able to send Tori into a panic attack with one glance. Worse, it’s facing hostility from three different fronts, including a group of human researchers who don’t seem to care about provoking the natives’ wrath.
    As the state of her spirit declines, Tori finds herself slipping between the cracks into this world more and more completely. Between love-addled elf boys with blue dreadlocks, war-mongering chieftains with blood like acid, and generally wondering if she’s gone mad, can the meek girl find her strength again? Or will she find herself trapped on the wrong side of the gateway?

The Scod Series, Book 2: The Ngoshir Code (New Adult SF&F)

  • Bridget learns the reason for the Scod’s involvement in the Zalú Rebellion and winds up a target of the movement’s orchestrators. Siph decides to hunt his old hunter.

Running in the Whirlwind (Fantasy)

  • When the one person she cares about in the whole world seems to vanish right out of it, Aella vows to find him — because obviously Len isn’t capable of taking care of himself. It’s a simple plan: look everywhere until she finds his nerdy bum. Also, steal his latest archeological find. Surely he’ll come back to save his mysterious wooden box.
    Except this box isn’t even a box; at least, not one that can actually be opened for anyone to see what’s inside. And there is something inside: people. An entire civilization, fighting to get out. And this is exactly what Len wants to help them do. Trapped alongside them, can he save them? Or will Aella be forced to save Len, first?



Lavender Eyes (YA SF&F, 109K)

  • A living genetic experiment, two half-gods, and a dream maker hunt for a terrorist in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Scod Series, Book 1: Ciphers (New Adult SF&F, 72K)

  • A young linguist struggles to decipher a code language for an organization working to end rebellion in another world, while her only friend fights the onset of madness as well as the tyrant stalking him.

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